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Instant connection

Scan a QR code and you are connected! You will receive a notification when the baby makes any noise.

Virtually unlimited reach

Marhu uses your home WiFi. If you can connect to it you can use Marhu.

Easy to use

We designed and optimized Marhu for daily use.

Why is it so special?

Marhu helps hearing impaired parents

Unlike traditional systems that only notifies monitoring emitting a sound, Marhu also notified through vibration. Thus people with hearing impairments of any level can rest assured that they will be notified if their baby attracts attention.


Forget relying on a plug to power the traditional monitor. Marhu is installed on your cell phone and is always with you. Be notified anywhere in your home.


Traditional wireless monitors usually have security problems that allow malicious people to invade your privacy. Marhu uses your home WiFi network which minimizes the possibility of intruders in the communication.

Instant notifications

Receive notifications as sound and vibrations. More than one person can be connected to the same bedroom so as to increase the chance that the notification is received and baby attended.

¿Por qué Marhu?

Why use Marhu?

What lead us to create this app.

Marhu's goal is to help hearing impaired parents by providing a tool that gives them more freedom and independence when caring for their baby.

The idea of ​​the application arose from the need of a loved family member. There is a lot of love and much empathy invested in the project. We then realized that the same application can be used by the vast majority of parents, but that is secondary.

Marhu is an innovative and disruptive application that uses technology to improve the quality of life of its users.

We invite you to install it and welcome your comments.

How does it work?

Marhu is composed of two applications. One monitors the baby's bedroom. The other is accompanying parents on their cell phone.
Logo de Marhu - Para el dormitorio

Marhu - For the bedroom

The first half is Marhu aims to monitor the baby's bedroom.

It was crafted to be installed on low resources Android Devices. This allows the users to reuse any old phone, there's no need to buy anything. Android 4 and WiFi connectivity is the only requirement. It's important to note that this device must stay in the bedroom and near the baby.

Once Marhu - For the bedroom is installed, open the app and follow the steps to start using it.

Logo de Marhu - Para padres

Marhu - For parents

The other half of Marhu needs to be installed on your device.

It's name is Marhu - For parents and it's installed in any Android (version 4 onwards). This app is incharged of receiving the notification generated in the bedroom.

Use it to keep track of what happens. Notifications will be by sounds and vibrations.

Logo de Marhu - Para el dormitorio

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